Rural America is the place to pioneer.

It’s a myth that rural is “behind the times.”

If you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, a trailblazer: rural America is the place to be.

We can help you dream big for your town.

Alchemy is a group of
placemakers: people with
experience bringing innovative
concepts to rural places. 

Rural America is the future of America.

Imagine millennials rushing to small towns for career growth. Retirees relocating for the social life. Corporations saving millions by hiring talent in rural communities, instead of looking to urban centers.
We can help you lure the new technologies, new artistic amenities and new business models that are looking to invest in communities like yours—the one place in America where there is ample space, land and property.
Our approach is different. We focus on incentivizing people, not businesses. No matter how many incentives you offer, a company will only relocate or expand if your community has the workforce it needs. That workforce will only exist if the proper housing and quality of life amenities are there.


Magic of Alchemy
Alchemy [ al-kuh-mee ], noun:
“A seemingly magical process of transformation
How does one small town grow into a thriving micropolitan, with big city amenities like restaurants, breweries, and theaters, while others see vacant downtowns and declining population?
The transformation may seem magical, but its not: behind any successful city are planning efforts and groups of dedicated locals who believe in their community’s potential.
At Alchemy, we can help turn your crazy dreams for your town into reality.


Key Building

Identify underutilized downtown buildings and create amenity concepts (restaurants, breweries, coworking spaces, etc.) to fill these spaces.


Analyze your community’s competitive position for employment and talent to determine the necessary strategies to address key challenges and capitalize on opportunities for equitable growth.


Work with educational and training institutions to plan for the needs of local employers and job seekers.

Branding +

Create or update a community brand identity; develop a high-level marketing plan to reach your audience.


Determine future housing needs and create funding model to incentivize developers; create blighted housing remedy plan.

Public Art +

Site identification and artist criteria for public art installations; development of wayfinding designs in keeping with branding.



  • “The return on our investment in [Alchemy's] services is a new-found enthusiasm in up-to-date development planning, which was precisely our aim. For a number of years, we’ve urged local leaders to appreciate the role of the creative economy in community development. With [Alchemy's] message, they now get it and we forged new alliances to take this work forward. In addition, his connections produced wider recognition of our community and placed it on regional and statewide radars on which we previously did not appear. Two words: worth it!”

    Scott Buchanan Algona, Iowa
  • "The community of Stanton, Iowa was introduced to [Alchemy] in the fall of 2018. The team was dedicated to making every step of our communities growth process unique, detailed and concise. If your community is interested in rural growth and development then [Alchemy] should be your first call!"

    Sally Stoakes Stanton, Iowa
  • "[Alchemy] understands that small communities can thrive when they think creatively and plan for the future. From 2017-2018, Several communities in Hardin County, Iowa worked with [Alchemy] on a regional creative placemaking plan. Throughout the process, residents, businesses, organizations, schools, and leaders throughout the county were able to connect--often for the first time--to identify ways to mobilize assets and affect positive change. [Alchemy's] team was sensitive to local issues and culture. The plan they provided reflected this while incorporating strategies for sustainable community and economic development. When fully implemented, these strategies will connect the assets in Hardin's communities to the betterment of their residents, workers, and visitors, and Hardin as a whole will have a stronger, more resilient economy."

    Dustin Ingram Hardin County, Iowa
  • "The community of Stanton, Iowa has had the privilege of working with [Alchemy] on a variety of Stanton projects! With their knowledge, effort and willingness to jump in, they were able to set the stage for Stanton to be a part of the Creative Placemaking process and lead us to success!"

    Jenna Hart Ramsay Stanton, Iowa
  • "Working with [Alchemy] has been a wonderful experience. They understand small rural communities and the challenges we face. Their open mindedness and approach to helping find creative solutions and looking at things with fresh eyes has helped our town tremendously."

    Sonia Outlaw-Clark Brownsville, Tennessee