What can we do for your community?

Key Building Revitalization

Key Building Revitalization

Alchemy will identify available buildings in your community’s downtown areas and determine cultural or entrepreneurial concepts to revitalize these spaces.
We understand that the right project can be catalytic to a community. We strive to identify concepts that will engage and inspire other community members as a holistic approach to downtown revitalization.

Housing Strategy

Alchemy understands the unique problems facing rural America when it comes to housing. Indeed, housing is the top concern of every community we visit.
We interview local employers to determine potential job growth and housing needs. We then explore and create funding models to incentivize development of new housing options or blight remedy plans.
Workforce Development

Workforce Development Strategy

We engage major area employers to gauge growth potential and workforce needs. Often, we find that companies want to expand, but cannot find the labor force to do so.
We work with employers, educators, and area economic development officials to create a workforce attraction plan specifically tailored to your community.
Complete Streets

Complete Street Strategy

“Complete streets” consider the needs of cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. to create welcoming, public spaces for all. These streets also boost downtown economic development by slowing foot traffic in front of retail opportunities.
Many rural community members appreciate complete streets when they see them in cities, but don’t know how to start or fund the campaign to bring them to their hometown. We can help.
Public Art

Public Art Strategy

Public art is a staple of creative placemaking. It’s a relatively quick way to engage the community and publicly demonstrate the effort being made by the city.
Alchemy can help create a community public art plan by establishing locations for art installations and defining criteria for artist selection. And like every plan we create, we’ll help create the funding model.
Marketing and Branding

Branding and Marketing

Often when we enter a community, we hear: “Great things are already happening here! People just don’t know about it.” Truly, perception is one of the biggest hurdles rural America is facing. We perform a branding and marketing audit to analyze existing efforts and opportunities for growth.
We create new branding options, leveraging what’s unique about your community. We deliver a high level marketing strategy identifying target audiences for the biggest impact.

Beautification and Wayfinding

Simple beautification efforts like lightpost banners or flower pots can enhance a downtown area and signify community change. We will make beautification recommendations and choose specific sites that have the most impact.
Wayfinding can have economic impact by directing travellers to retail opportunities or popular destinations. Pairing with an existing brand or a newly-created one, Alchemy will design wayfinding signage to standards and specify installation locations throughout town.
Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

Alchemy performs quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine your community’s competitive position for employment and talent. We can then identify holistic strategic goals, objectives, and tactics to address the community’s highest priority challenges and opportunities.
We provide your community with an implementation action plan to operationalize the strategy through creation of timelines, budgets, organizational, operational, and staffing recommendations, confirmation of lead and support implementation entities, identification of potential funding sources, and development of performance metrics.

Opportunity Zone Prospectus

Alchemy gathers quantitative and qualitative data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your community’s Opportunity Zone-designated areas.
We can then identify Opportunity Zone investment concepts, create a marketing plan, and a professionally formatted prospectus.

Traffic Studies

Alchemy performs traffic studies to help your community review traffic counts and provide visualizations that will help inform recommendations for the city’s busy intersections.
Our recommendations blend seamlessly with the overall placemaking plan, providing traffic calming concepts including beautification strategies and traffic pinch point remediations.

Blighted Building Incentive Program

Alchemy understands that buildings often hold valuable meaning for a community.
We can work with business owners to identify needs and create an incentive program for revitalization.


Access to broadband is essential for all members of your community, especially as it starts to intertwine with all parts of daily life including working, going to school, and receiving medical care.
Alchemy work with your community and local partners to establish a business model to bring fiber to homes throughout your community.

Amenity Creation

We understand the importance of amenities to attract and retain new workforce. Alchemy can help you identify places and opportunities for new amenities.
We will work with you to create a programming model specific to an area of the community or building. We can also help you outline opportunities for sponsorships, funding sources, and marketing.

Tourism Enhancement Strategy

Alchemy can conduct a situational analysis for the local tourism economy. We can then identify your community’s existing assets to create new or improved opportunities for tourism attraction.
We can also provide recommendations for implementation and marketing, identifying relevant audiences for special campaigns.


The Placemaking Process