Bailey FohrPlacemaking Fellow


Bailey grew up in Middle Tennessee in a town not quite significant enough to be considered a suburb of Nashville, but not quite small enough to be considered ‘way out in the country’ either. Walking this line provided Bailey with a unique perspective, and she spent 20 years watching Nashville turn into “the next big city for young people” while the surrounding small towns shuttered their main streets and lost their residents to the city.

Bailey spent the next few years bouncing around the south, living first in Tallahassee, Florida while she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and international affairs from Florida State University. While there she also minored in urban planning, eventually coming to realize that development did not just have to exist in an international space – it could be just as useful right here at home. After graduating in 2018 she moved from Tallahassee to Little Rock, Arkansas in pursuit of a master’s of public service from the Clinton School of Public Service. It was during her time there that she first connected with McClure’s Placemaking division, a connection that inspired her to discover more about creative placemaking as a way to develop rural America.

Bailey now lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is working with Alchemy as a Placemaking Fellow while finishing up her graduate program. In her spare time, she enjoys salsa dancing, doing puzzles, watching the show Survivor, exploring D.C., and keeping up with the happenings of her hometown.


Masters of Public Service, University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service

Bachelor of Science, International Relations and Affairs, Political Science, Florida State University


Research with monitoring & evaluation

Program development & implementation